воскресенье, 7 февраля 2021 г.

English boxing and French boxing

Although the modern English boxing, which we know, since about 1882, was recognized in its former form as hazardous to health and began to be conducted according to the rules known today, which finally reduced its combat effectiveness. But after this time, a bunch of similar combat "boxing" systems from different countries of the world have become known.
Of the most famous types of boxing, the French boxing "Savat" was once generally one of the best street fighting systems in Europe.
Savat is a European martial art, also known as "French boxing", characterized by effective punching technique, dynamic kicking technique, mobility and subtle strategy. Savat has a long history: this martial art originated as a synthesis of the French school of street hand-to-hand fighting and English boxing; in 1924 he was included in the Olympic Games in Paris as a demonstration sport.

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