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This self-defense system was created by the master Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969) based on one of the directions of jiu-jitsu. Certain techniques of aikido were borrowed from the so-called Chinese wushu. soft styles, where the vector of application of force to the enemy coincides with the direction of movement of the enemy himself. The fundamental difference between aikido and other martial arts is the lack of offensive techniques.  The main sequence of the fighter's actions boils down to grabbing the opponent's hand or wrist, throwing him to the ground and already here, with the help of a painful hold, finally neutralize. Movements in aikido are usually performed along a circular path.
There are no competitions or championships in Aikido. However, it is very popular as the art of self-defense and quickly incapacitating the enemy. Like karate and judo, aikido is widespread outside Japan, including in Russia.

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