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American kick boxing

Another type of boxing is "American kickboxing" according to the legend, its name and even the development of the fighting style is prescribed to the famous actor and naturally multiple champion in kickboxing Chuck Noris. Kickboxing is translated almost literally as "Kicking and punching."

Because kickboxing has become a mixture of martial arts wushu, English boxing, muay thai, karate and taekwondo. Ideally, fights should take place at full strength and at all levels, that is, kicks and punches are allowed at full strength throughout the body. This allows kickboxers to become quite dangerous opponents both in the ring and outside it, but nevertheless, this is a sports system and it was not initially sharpened for street fighting.

The difference between martial arts and martial arts

All sports martial arts differ from real martial arts in that they are always aimed at fighting with one person (which is why they are called martial arts), who is always an honest and good athlete, and always acts within the framework of certain predetermined clearly agreed rules.
Also, in combat sports, there is most often a division by weight, there are no weapons, sneaky tricks and the effect of surprise, as well as tricks that can very much injure a person.
But naturally, in a real battle on the street, such excellent combat conditions are rare. Three of us can attack here, they can put a knife to the throat or even strike from behind without warning in advance, so let's try to discuss more effective and applied types of martial arts.


This self-defense system was created by the master Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969) based on one of the directions of jiu-jitsu. Certain techniques of aikido were borrowed from the so-called Chinese wushu. soft styles, where the vector of application of force to the enemy coincides with the direction of movement of the enemy himself. The fundamental difference between aikido and other martial arts is the lack of offensive techniques.  The main sequence of the fighter's actions boils down to grabbing the opponent's hand or wrist, throwing him to the ground and already here, with the help of a painful hold, finally neutralize. Movements in aikido are usually performed along a circular path.
There are no competitions or championships in Aikido. However, it is very popular as the art of self-defense and quickly incapacitating the enemy. Like karate and judo, aikido is widespread outside Japan, including in Russia.

Greco-Roman wrestling

Classic wrestling is a European type of single combat in which two participants come together in a fight. The main task of each athlete is to put his opponent on his shoulder blades using a number of different elements and techniques.  The main difference between Greco-Roman wrestling and other similar martial arts is the prohibition on the implementation of any techniques with feet (trips, holds, sweeps, etc.). Also, you cannot do leg grabs.

English boxing and French boxing

Although the modern English boxing, which we know, since about 1882, was recognized in its former form as hazardous to health and began to be conducted according to the rules known today, which finally reduced its combat effectiveness. But after this time, a bunch of similar combat "boxing" systems from different countries of the world have become known.
Of the most famous types of boxing, the French boxing "Savat" was once generally one of the best street fighting systems in Europe.
Savat is a European martial art, also known as "French boxing", characterized by effective punching technique, dynamic kicking technique, mobility and subtle strategy. Savat has a long history: this martial art originated as a synthesis of the French school of street hand-to-hand fighting and English boxing; in 1924 he was included in the Olympic Games in Paris as a demonstration sport.